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Staying Ahead in IT


Keeping pace with the changing world of technology is essential to standing out from your competitors.

Since the days when Commodore and Tandy dominated the industry, our founder has had a passion for helping people leverage technology to make their professional lives more productive and rewarding.

Working as an IT contractor for companies such as Sara Lee and The Chicago Sun-Times, Ross Henrickson learned a lot after 30 years in the information technology field.  Whether it was untangling spiderwebs of USB and ethernet cords, or updating the newest applications, Ross understood one thing:

“It quickly became clear to me that specialized technicians were needed by Chicagoland’s small and large-sized businesses.  Other IT companies lost sight of the relationships you built with clients.  Understanding the customer’s technology goals was what truly made my job so great.”

SafeTech Services was the natural expansion of Ross’s dedication to his customers and improving the efficiency of their companies.  To this day, their feedback is what motivates his team to strive for nothing short of excellence.

The operating systems and hardware may have changed, but our commitment to you has not!


The SafeTech Difference


You know exactly what your company needs to succeed.  When technology is inefficiently used, it can cause more headaches than it is worth.  Everything can become a frustrating waste of time and money.

We pride ourselves on understanding the inner workings of your IT resources.  This knowledge lets us recommend an effective and affordable solution.  With a SafeTech expert at your side, you’ll never have to worry about lagging servers, crashing software, or broken computers.

Don’t work for your technology, let your technology work for you! 


It’s All About You!


Make a SafeTech expert an integral part of your company!

Our technicians represent decades of experience in the IT industry, so you’ll earn peace of mind with us on your team.  Offering flexible solutions, SafeTech Services can help put you on the path to IT success.  From the first meeting, our professional partnership lasts long after we complete the job.  Learn more about the technicians that make it all happen!

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